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Heated Grips: explore the ultimate comfort for winter rides

Heated Grips: explore the ultimate comfort for winter rides

Heated Motorcycle Grips: Year-Round Riding Comfort

Heated motorcycle grips have become an essential accessory for all motorcycle enthusiasts who want to ride their bikes 365 days a year. As summer comes to an end, motorcyclists face their greatest enemy: the cold. Many people choose to park their motorcycles in the garage until the next spring, but the most courageous motorcyclists continue to ride even in winter.

However, as temperatures drop, it's essential to take the right precautions to stay warm and maintain riding comfort even on the coldest days. Technical clothing and heated gloves are helpful, but they may not be sufficient. That's why many people have chosen to install heated motorcycle grips to keep their hands warm.

What Are Heated Motorcycle Grips?

Heated motorcycle grips are an accessory designed to keep the rider's hands warm and comfortable while riding in cold conditions. These grips are equipped with internal heating elements that generate heat, usually through electric resistors, to warm the surface of the grips. Let's take a closer look at what the heated motorcycle grip kits available on are composed of.

All kits include two heated grips, a controller with a 4-level switch, and wiring. The grips are made of dual-layer rubber with an internal heating element that releases heat. The controller features a switch that allows you to select the desired heating level, from 1 (minimum power) to 4 (maximum power).

The kits are compatible with 22mm or 28mm handlebars and have a length of 128mm. Installation is simple and quick and can be done by any DIY-savvy motorcyclist.

In summary, the main features of the Daytona Heated Grip Kit are:

  • Dual-layer rubber heated grips
  • Controller with a 4-level switch
  • Compatibility with 7/8-inch (22mm) handlebars
  • Length of 128mm
  • Easy and quick installation

How Do Heated Motorcycle Grips Work?

Going into more technical detail, heated motorcycle grips operate thanks to an internal electric resistor that generates heat and transfers it to the rubber part of the grips. When the rider holds onto the grips, their hands stay warm thanks to the constant heat generated.

Heated motorcycle grips can be turned on and off at any time, and their use is extremely simple. To activate them on colder days, simply turn on the switch located on the handlebar. Furthermore, you can adjust the intensity by choosing from different heat levels, from moderate warmth to intense heat.

The heat intensity levels depend on the brand and model of the product purchased. Daytona heated motorcycle grips, available on Speedmania, come with 4 levels of heat adjustment to ensure maximum riding comfort even on the coldest days. Installing heated motorcycle grips is very easy and takes only a few minutes. If you prefer, here is a video guide on how heated grips work, produced by the experts at Forbikes.

Additional Tips for Using Heated Motorcycle Grips in Winter

Many motorcyclists, despite using heated grips, still feel cold in their fingers. This happens because, during riding, the part directly in contact with the grips is the lower part of the hand and the palm. The fingers are generally more exposed, and since they have more nerve endings, they perceive the cold more.

To optimize the effectiveness and distribution of the heat generated by the grips, our advice is to use them together with thermal hand covers (muffs), which effectively retain heat and increase the sensation of warmth. This combination allows for comfortable riding even in near-freezing temperatures.

The Best Heated Motorcycle Grips

There are many models of heated motorcycle grips on the market, and typically, major motorcycle brands produce products dedicated exclusively to their brand. However, grips produced by manufacturers are generally more expensive, with prices ranging from €200 to €350. At Speedmania, we offer universal models of heated motorcycle grips produced by Daytona that fit perfectly on all motorcycles with standard handlebars (22.2mm or 25.4mm). The models are available in both closed-end and open-end versions, depending on the rider's preferences.

Daytona Heated Grip Kit for ATV - Open End/Electric Control
Daytona Heated Grip Kit for Motorcycle/Custom with 25.4mm Handlebars - Closed End/Electric Control
Daytona Heated Grip Kit for ATV - Closed End/Mechanical Control
Daytona Heated Grip Kit for Motorcycle with 22.2mm Handlebars - Closed End/Mechanical Control
Daytona Heated Grip Kit for Motorcycle with 25.4mm Handlebars - Closed End/Mechanical Control with Integrated Lever
Daytona Heated Grip Kit for Motorcycle with 22.2mm Handlebars - Open End/Mechanical Control with Indicators

Are You a Harley Enthusiast?

For motorcycle enthusiasts who love American bikes, Daytona has specifically designed this model of heated grip for Harley Davidson.

Daytona Heated Grip Kit for Harley Davidson (96UP, 08UP) - Closed End/Mechanical Control with Integrated Lever

Advantages of Heated Motorcycle Grips

  1. Winter Comfort: Thanks to temperature control, you can say goodbye to cold and numb fingers even on the coldest days of the year. Heated grips keep your hands warm, allowing you to enjoy two-wheeled adventures without any fear.

  2. Increased Safety: This is probably an underestimated aspect for many motorcyclists. Handling a motorcycle with cold and numb hands can be dangerous because control and perception of movements may not be optimal. Heated grips will improve your grip and control of the motorcycle, reducing the risk of accidents.

  3. Suitable for All Seasons: Heated motorcycle grips are extremely versatile. You can use them not only in winter but also on cool days in spring and autumn, extending your riding season.

Why Buy Heated Motorcycle Grips on Speedmania?

We offer a carefully selected range of the best heated grips on the market, chosen for their quality and reliability. Our team consists of motorcycle enthusiasts, so we understand the importance of comfort and safety while riding. We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.


In this article, we've seen how heated motorcycle grips work and the advantages of using them.

If you're looking to enhance your motorcycle riding experience, heated grips are an excellent choice. They offer comfort, safety, and versatility. Say goodbye to long months of downtime; with heated motorcycle grips, you can enjoy every ride even during the winter months. Choose your pair of heated grips from our selection and discover a new way to ride with warm and secure hands in any weather conditions.

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