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      "OptiMateTM2 extends the lifespan and improves the performance of a 12V battery in a vehicle/boat or in a battery system that is not used daily. The SAE-71 accessory provided as standard is used to easily connect OptiMate2 to the battery every time the vehicle, etc., is stopped, ensuring safe long-term maintenance, even in sub-zero temperatures. OptiMate 2 detects the battery's status, charges it, and then keeps the battery ready at 100%, without ever overcharging it. It also provides power to the alarm, monitor, onboard computer, etc.


      OptiMate 2 is also ideal for applications with standby power. The interactive standby mode returns to the main charging mode if it detects a high current consumption from the battery. OptiMate 2, a true "connect and forget" charger and maintainer for all 12V batteries. OptiMate 2. Battery performance guaranteed!



      1. Safety check: To activate its output, OptiMate 2 must be connected to a battery (minimum retention 2V).

      2. Main charging: A constant current of 0.8 A charges the battery up to 14.3V with great efficiency.

      3. Charge verification: Immediately follows the main charging mode. The battery's capacity to accept the charge and the resulting state of charge are verified. A battery in poor operating condition, unable to hold the charge, is indicated by the yellow charging LED, alternating with the green maintenance LED every 3 seconds. For a battery in good condition, the voltage is limited to 13.6V for 30 minutes, and in the meantime, the circuit monitors the current voltage and the current absorbed by the battery, while the green maintenance LED remains on. If the automatic circuit detects that the battery requires further charging within 30 minutes, the program restores the charge until a full charge is reached.

      4. Maintenance charge and rest cycle: It consists of 30-minute charging periods followed by and alternated with 30-minute "rest" periods during which there is no charging current. This "50% duty cycle" prevents the loss of electrolyte from sealed batteries and reduces the gradual loss of water from batteries with fill caps, significantly contributing to optimizing the lifespan of batteries that are used irregularly or seasonally.

      The circuit supplies current to the battery within a safe voltage limit of 13.6V ("float charge"), allowing it to use any small current needed to maintain it at full charge and compensate for any small electrical consumption imposed by connected circuits or the natural gradual discharge of the battery.

      During the 30-minute rest period, the battery's voltage is monitored. For a battery in good condition, the green maintenance LED should remain on. The program returns to the main charging if the battery's voltage cannot stay above the test level during the rest period.

      5. Interactive standby - if a consumption causes a sudden reduction in battery voltage, the program returns to the charging mode. After the battery has been recharged, the program returns to the maintenance and rest charge cycle. OptiMate 2 can remain connected to the battery for an indefinite period; the battery will remain in an optimal and safe state. It will also naturally have an optimal charge.


      Technical Specifications:

      Recommended for AGM/MF, Standard, GEL, and batteries with spiral cells.

      Long-term maintenance: from 3 Ah to 96 Ah capacity.

      Program-controlled maintenance, fully automatic.

      Power supply voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz, universal global power supply.

      Maximum input current: 0.23A at 100V – 0.15A at 240V.

      Typical annual energy cost: < €1 (continuous maintenance).

      Reverse current at idle: less than 1 mA.

      Output current (main charge): 0.8A.

      Charging time limit: unlimited.

      Test/maintenance cycles: 30 min/30 min (alternated every hour).

      Charge retention test: Level: 12.4V. GOOD (green) = battery voltage > 12.4V.

      Dimensions: 167 x 65 x 46 mm.

      Weight (packaging): 0.4 kg (0.6 kg).

      Enclosure rating: IP54.

      Mounting: easy direct wall mounting.

      Input cable length: 2m.

      Output cable length: 2m.

      Accessories provided:

      - SAE-71 waterproof fixed connector.

      - SAE-74 alligator clips.

      Operating temperature range: -20°C/+40°C.

      Warranty: 3 years."


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      Save 10%
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      insert_chartsLowest price in the last 30 days 69.54 €